Coronation of George V (1911)



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Coronation of George V (1911)

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Coronation of George V (1911)

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Coronation of George V (1911)

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Coronation of George V (1911)

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Papers of the Addleshaw Family

  • Fondo
  • [1874-1970s]

Personal and family papers and correspondence, working notes and printed material of the Reverend George William Outram Addleshaw, Treasurer of York Minster and Dean of Chester, c.1874-1970s. Includes collection of theatrical programmes, 1911-1960.

Addleshaw, George William Outram, 1906-1982, Dean of Chester

Lady Violet Deramore Archive

  • VDER
  • Fondo
  • c 1822-2005

Personal and financial papers of Lady Violet Deramore, including diaries, 1919-c.1958, journal, fl 1911, personal correspondence, 1881-1972, legal correspondence, 1938-1971, account books, 1907-1960, bank books, 1907-1939, and related corresponden...

Bateson, (Blanche) Violet de Yarburgh-, 1884-1972, 2nd wife of 3rd Baron Deramore