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"Media" Files

Advertising statistics, plans concerning advertising expenditure and sales targets, advertising activity and costs strategy.

Advertising Annual Reports

The reports contain details of competitors' advertising; comparison of advertising and sales; expenditure reports and analysis; details of advertising in all media including showrooms, travellers' and other stationery, display, promotion...

Analysis of Salaries

This files contain lists of salaried staff, arranged by Department, with entries for monthly salary under a column or heading for the appropriate grade (D-G for men and women). From 1940 salary is for 4-weekly periods. From 1928 there are similar ...

Analysis of Weekly Wages

This file is arranged chronologically, by quarter-year. It contains weekly figures for each department (for the production departments, there are separate figures for men and women), number of employees, day wage, piece wage, total wage [ie total ...

Annual Reports of the Labour Manager

These reports cover every aspect of the work of departments within the Labour Division, statistical and analytical information on the labour situation at the Cocoa Works, labour relations, wage rates and the labour market generally.There are separ...

Board of Trade Census of Production

This file contains working papers with manuscript and typescript figures including details of: stocks of manufactured goods, numbers of employees, materials and fuel consumption, purchases of ingredients and second cost items, and sales of ingredi...

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