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The Retreat Archive
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Insulin Coma Therapy being given

Photographs show close-ups of a nurse with a patient being given insulin coma therapy.These photographs are stills from a scene in the film ‘Light through the Cloud’ (see RET 1/6/1/26) which dealt with mental nursing at the Retreat.

York Friends’ Burial Ground at the Retreat

With the closing of all central burial grounds in York by Order in Council, 1854, the existing Friends’ burial ground in Bishophill, York, had to be closed.It was decided to open a new burial ground at the south west corner of the Retreat grounds,...

The Retreat Archive

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  • [late 18th century-21st century]

Three aspects of the Retreat archive make it important to the history of medicineFirst, it reflects the special character of the Retreat. It is impossible to underestimate the significance of the archive for an understanding of the development of ...

The Retreat, Yorkshire, hospital

Report Book

See also RET 1/4/6/2

Register of Mechanical Restraint

In use from at least February 1896 (the date at which the volume is first signed by the inspecting commissioners) but a case is not recorded until 1899.Includes copies of regulations for mechanical restraint for 1895 and 1913.


Males at front of volume, females beginning in middle. Volume is not filled1906 entries must be retrospective, also appearing in RET 6/4/1/1


Males at front of volume, females beginning in middle. 1906 entries must be retrospective, also appearing in RET 6/4/1/1Series continues in RET 6/4/5/1

Bank Ledger

Pre-printed pages headed 'London Joint City and Midland Bank Ltd', and with printed columns on Debit and Credit sides. On debit side these include columns for patients, subscriptions and donations, private nursing, trained nurses etc and...

'Patients Book'

Reports on visits to patients by Commissioners in Lunacy (later Board of Control)

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