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The Retreat Archive
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The Retreat Archive

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  • [late 18th century-21st century]

Three aspects of the Retreat archive make it important to the history of medicineFirst, it reflects the special character of the Retreat. It is impossible to underestimate the significance of the archive for an understanding of the development of ...

The Retreat, Yorkshire, hospital


The Retreat Cricket Club was founded in 1889. The team was composed of Retreat staff - though occasionally patients might be included - and it played other teams mainly from York, including York Civil Service, Bootham School, Bootham Asylum, the N...

Printed lists of Retreat cricket fixtures

There are 10 surviving lists: 1904-1906 (with handwritten annotations of scores), 1910-1913 (with handwritten annotations of scores), 1969, 1989 (the centenary year of Retreat cricket), and 2002.


This is not a comprehensive collection of the many publications about the Retreat during its long history. The publications listed here were all produced for a particular publicity purpose: some were officially issued by the Retreat to publicise i...

Decorated Retreat wagonettes

The wagonettes are mostly decorated for ‘Hospital Saturday’.Photograph 1 shows a decorated wagonette and horse, with Retreat nurses on top, c 1900.Photographs 2-3 show a wagonette carrying on it a large model of a ship, with people in fancy dress,...


Chronological Arrangement of the Case NotesFrom 1796 up to the First World War period, the case notes of patients were, broadly speaking written into case books in chronological order by date of patient's admission. Each case was also given a...


The Retreat had a regular programme of entertainments, embracing theatre, music, parties, dressing up etc. Staff, patients and other York Quakers took part, as well as visiting musical, theatrical and educational performers.Photographs arranged in...

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