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Records of Major David Graham Pole
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Personal Correspondence

Includes note from Lansbury requesting Pole to ask a question in the House of Commons, n.d; circular from Lansbury asking help for an old friend and colleague, March 1931; letter from Narve Ellingsen to Pole asking for help in recovering debts fro...

Articles by Major Pole

Articles, letters and newspaper pamphlets written by Major Pole; 'Concerning Conservative Policy' (1926), 'The Trade Union Bill and the General Strike' (1927), 'Politicians and the War by Lord Beaverbrook (1928), 'De-...

Correspondence between Lansbury and Pole

Includes copies of letters concerning Burma's separation from India, January and March 1935; correspondence concerning Pole's resignation from South Cardiff constituency, n.d; letters concerning Major Pole's proposed world tour, Jun...

Lansbury Correspondence

Includes letters from Lansbury, March-August 1927; letter from Lansbury concerning journey to Oman, August 1927; draft of a letter from Lansbury to Pole concerning Indian National Congress in Madras, November 1927; letter dictated by Lansbury for ...

Death of George Lansbury

Newspaper cuttings about Lansbury's convalescence at home of Major Pole, April 1940; request made by Major Pole to newspaper for print of a photograph, 1940; extract from the London News, June 1940, obituary from The War Register Internationa...

Various Items relating to Major Pole

Photograph of George Lansbury visiting Poplar Poor Law School, 15th May 1919 (pictured alongside Queen Mary); article, 'Britain and the United States of Europe' by Major Pole in the Vanguard, October 1929; article 'London Letter, Wh...

Records of Major David Graham Pole

  • UL5
  • Fundos
  • 1915-1941

Private papers, notes and transcripts of Major Pole, comprising newspaper cuttings and reports relating to Pole's career as an MP, 1929-1931; correspondence concerning Indian and Burmese affairs, 1928-1934; articles by Pole, 1926-1931, privat...

Pole, David Graham, 1877-1952, Major

Correspondence with George Lansbury

Includes exchange of letters between Lansbury and Pole concerning Narve Ellingsen, a friend of Pole, 1933; correspondence concerning Burmese affairs, May 1933; letter from Lansbury to Pole requesting information on India for a debate, 1934.

Personal Correspondence

Includes letter from Lansbury arranging to visit Major Pole, 1934; letter from Rhoda Vickers to Lansbury whilst Lansbury was in hospital, March 1934; letter from Pole to Lansbury about the possibility of setting up a Labour Municipal Association, ...

Death of George Lansbury

Includes letters from Lansbury to Pole, 1940; notes by Rhoda Vickers on Lansbury's death, n.d; press cuttings and the official report of Lansbury's death given in the House of Commons, 1940; notice of the memorial service, 24 May 1940.

Private Correspondence

Undertaking, signed by George Lansbury and others to guarantee payment of one issue of the Daily Herald, July 1912; letters from Lansbury to Pole, 1915, 1920; receipt for hospital fees, 1917; letter from Nellie Lansbury to Pole, n.d; letter from P...

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