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Directors' Salaries

These files contain details of monthly payments for each director and deductions for pension or charitable donations etc, and from 1941 there is a double page for each director per year, with notes concerning income tax, war allowances etc.

Royal Warrants

These royal warrants are for Rowntree& Co as manufacturers of Chocolate, Cocoa and Confectionery, and Table Jellies; from King Carlos of Portugal, 1897; Queen Victoria, 1899 (amended 1901, cancelled 1904); King Edward VII, 1902 (cancelled 1910...

Yearly Records of Sales

This file contains annual totals only from 1870-1889. From 1890, there are totals and percentages for sales of elect, other cocoa, cake, cream, gum, in money and cwts; total advertising expenditure and total as a percentage of total sales, for hom...

Analysis of Weekly Wages

This file is arranged chronologically, by quarter-year. It contains weekly figures for each department (for the production departments, there are separate figures for men and women), number of employees, day wage, piece wage, total wage [ie total ...

Index of Products

This file contains details of date, estimates of costs of ingredients (not listed individually), second costs (listed individually, in some detail), and third costs (including commission D (Depreciation), P W [piece wage] for making and packing), ...

Board of Trade Census of Production

This file contains working papers with manuscript and typescript figures including details of: stocks of manufactured goods, numbers of employees, materials and fuel consumption, purchases of ingredients and second cost items, and sales of ingredi...

Taxation Returns, Working Papers

This file contains copies of the company profit and loss account and balance sheet with papers relating to specific accounts including: West Indian Department (Dominica, Jamaica and Nigeria); investment income, development of land and buildings, d...

Salaries Analysis

This file contains information for each department, arranged by function, totals of salaries paid by Staff Office per month/four-week period, with half yearly and yearly totals.

Office and Factory Salaries Analysis

This file contains a list of departments, arranged by subject, (eg manufacture, administration, finance, selling, service, labour) with monthly salary totals for men and women, divided into management, clerical supervision, clerical workers and te...

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