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The Retreat had a regular programme of entertainments, embracing theatre, music, parties, dressing up etc. Staff, patients and other York Quakers took part, as well as visiting musical, theatrical and educational performers.Photographs arranged in...

Tuke Ward

Photographs arranged in 2 parts

Entrance Hall, Reception and Front Staircase

The photographs show these areas modernised in the 1960s (there is one picture pre-modernisation). They have been refurbished and altered again since that timePhotographs are arranged in 4 parts.

Garrow Hill House

Garrow Hill Estate was acquired by The Retreat in 1927.Photographs are arranged in 2 parts.

William H. Sessions

W.H. Sessions was a Committee member and also Treasurer of The Retreat, retiring in 1965.Photographs arranged in 5 parts.


Photographs are arranged in 3 parts.

West Villa and Ladies' Hospital

West Villa, or the Ladies’ Lodge was begun in 1880 but was not completed until 1890-1. It was situated on the end of the extension to the south west wing, and therefore on the garden or south side of the Retreat complex. The Villa became an admiss...

East Villa

East Villa was a detached building in the grounds, built in 1881, for GentlemenPhotographs are arranged in 4 parts

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