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The David Storey Archive Pasta/Processo
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Folder of poems entitled Storey's Lives

Section entitled ''Part 1 - Early Times'':Miners; Blake; Red and Black; Grandfather; Shelter; Lazarus; The Pit; Evening; Maternal Grandparents; The War; Northern Mimes 1953; Four Eyes 1951; Advent for a Poem 1951; Haemorrhage; ...

Folder of poems entitled Revolutionary Times

Three front covers for Revolutionary Times; Miners; Afterwards; The Widow; A Political Lament / A Philosophy of Life; A Philosophy of Life (2 copies); A Funny thing Happened (2 copies); A King in the House; This, At Least, Is How I've seen it...

Folder of draft poems labelled To an Unknown Artist

Peace; Minerson and Partner; Old Images; Count Shatterproof and the Ailing Fairies; Close Call; Nostrums; Assessment; Memory; Visitor; Continuity; Smart Arse; Argument; Painful; To an Unknown Artist; Bella; Temporal; Missing; Country Trip; It Cont...

Folder of draft poems entitled Poems (Rejects?)

Philosophy; Paternity; Great Love; Something Is; Here; A Second Chance; Evening / Composition; Wind; Neville ii; Our Room; She; War; Can't; Third World; War; Sentiment; Cool Air; Sleep; Leaving; Night; Breeze; Love; Father; Damned; Flowers; W...

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