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General Matters

A file is probably missing between RET 1/5/5/5/1 and RET 1/5/5/5/2 which would have covered 1911These are files covering a variety of routine and special business

The Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund was established in 1919 to make up the shortfall between patients’ fees paid by poorer Friends and the actual cost of their maintenance. It superseded an earlier and smaller Endowment Fund for patients who were Friends. The End...

150th Anniversary Celebrations

The Retreat celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1946 in a variety of high profile events and publications.The main celebration was held at the Retreat on 11 May 1946, with a programme of tree planting, and celebratory speeches which were later rep...

Papers on National Health Insurance

Insured members of staff of hospitals and asylums were allowed under the National Insurance Act to make their own arrangements with the institution for the provision of medical attendance and treatment, with the institution receiving the costs of ...

National Insurance Wages and Salaries Books

These were compiled in compliance with the National Insurance Act 1911. They record the wages and national insurance contributions to cover ill health and/or unemployment paid by Retreat staff and employer. Two different formats of pre-printed vol...

Correspondence with other Mental Hospitals

These files contain information relating to staff wages, hours of work and pensions, on the cost of maintaining patients and the fees charged, and on many other administrative details. An institution would often seek the advice of other hospitals ...


These papers contain information and advertisements sent for inclusion in Medical Directories and Journals, publicity material such as prospectuses printed by the Retreat to send out to interested parties, and publicity to encourage nursing recruits

Patients' Holidays

These files contain correspondence and papers relating to premises used by the Retreat for seaside holiday visits by patients

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