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Ingredients [Stock Taking] Books

These books are arranged alphabetically by type of ingredient; details, half-yearly, of unit price, total [stock] and total value, are under four headings - Cream and Confectionery, Gum, Fact[ory] and Melangeur, and Cake.

Haxby Road Ingredients Stock Book

The contents and arrangement of this file is the sames as that of R/DF/AA/51. At the end of the volumes there is a summary with totals of types of ingredients and manufactured stock in various blocks and rooms at Haxby Road.

Advertising Report Working Papers

This file contains summary figures of expenditure through each advertising agency, by medium, departmental allocation, analysis by product and comparison with sales.

Rough Accounts

These accounts are balanced each half year, arranged chronologically and then by department. The departments include: Showrooms and Local Offices, expenses under various headings for each showroom; Employment and Social, including wedding and leav...

Departmental Results, Profit and Loss Accounts

This file contains accounts, half yearly, for elect cocoa, lemonade, other cocoas, cake, cream and confectionery and gum; with details of ingredients, wages and second costs against income from sales. At the end of the volume there is a summary of...

Resale Ledger ('R')

This file contains details of project number, date [approved], capital and revenue costs; with a list of work and equipment, date, account reference code, and total cost within 6-month periods. It concerns projects mainly for associated companies.

Plant and Machinery Record

This file contains record sheets filed into a volume with details of plant and machinery purchased, with date, cost, invoice number, description, depreciation and balance sheet value. There are no details of the department for which the order was ...

L[and] and B[uilding] Details

This file contains details of all new buildings extensions and improvements; with a breakdown of the costs of labour and materials at each stage, names of contractors, clerk of works if built by Rowntree staff, architects and suppliers; and deduct...

DW Depreciation and Working Account

This file contains asset accounts for depots and local office fittings, research capital, details of the Mallow plant and machinery, vehicles of all types, moulds, tins and trays, vending machines, the contents of 56 Green Street (from 1967), the...

Office Staff Record Books

This file contains information for name, address, education, father's name and occupation, previous employment/experience or education, date commenced at Rowntree and Co., details of departments appointed or transferred to, office training, q...

Travelling Staff Perpetual Registers

These registers contain a list of travellers with ticks each month to indicate continued employment and notes concerning military service during the periods 1914-1919 and 1939-1944. Some registers include, at the front of the file, a list of Divis...

General Staff Number Records

These files contain monthly totals of men and women in each department, divided into full time and part time, and from January 1924 into grades D-G and AO. Departments are initially arranged alphabhetically, under headings for Directors from Octob...

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