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Wage Cost Statistics Book

Weekly figures for total [man] hours and wages, the same adjusted and total [cost] of Unemployment Benefit.

Examples of motion study work

Examples undertaken by the staff of the Central Time and Motion Study Department. Photographs and explanatory captions.

Suggestions Book

Overlookers in Saw Mill and card Box Mill; arranged by overlooker, name, date, nature of suggestion, how it was dealt with.

Wage Book

Sawmill. Men and Boys Employee Details.

Annual Reports of the Labour Manager

These reports cover every aspect of the work of departments within the Labour Division, statistical and analytical information on the labour situation at the Cocoa Works, labour relations, wage rates and the labour market generally.There are separ...

Wages and Conditions of Employment Handbook

Details of all aspects of policy and procedure ; concerning men's wages (including allowances for men attending the Board of Guardians of the City Council, wages of men working in Private Rooms, length of service, classification of workers); ...

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