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General Site File 1977-1978

Containing correspondence, working notes and site maps on various issues affecting the site, including papers relating to the public inquiry into open cast mining proposals in the area, an environmental impact study into the site and entomological...

General Site File 1974-1980

Containing correspondence, working notes and site plans concerning the general management of the reserve, including the original form to begin the process of establishing the site as a reserve, and papers relating to the construction of the lake, ...

General Site File 1980-1981

Containing correspondence, site permits and an annotated publicity leaflet, the file includes information on the development of a nature trail for people with visual impairments, the contraction of a timber hidden at the site and papers relating t...

General Site File 1981-1988

Containing correspondence, site reports, and plans and drawings of the reserve, the file includes information on general site management tasks, the administration of the committee and the results of a seismic survey undertaken at the site.

Biological Records 1951-1993

Containing biological and other scientific records pertaining to Thorpe Marsh, including bird records 1951-1971, an extract on spiders from the Invertebrate Site Register 1980-1981 and botanical species present at the dote in 1993.The file contain...

Scar End Wood

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Scar End Wood, including management correspondence 1974-1988, tenure records 2004, biological records 1988 and site management plan 1999.

Site Stewardship

Comprising papers relating to the stewardship of the site, including management correspondence 1974-1988 and tenure records 2004.

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