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North (Entrance) Front of the central building,

North (entrance) front either viewed from straight in front or at an angle: the first small photograph, taken slightly from a distance, is by the photographer Duncan of York; photograph 23 is taken from Park Field showing the central building beyo...

Garrow Hill House and Estate, 20th century

The Retreat bought Garrow Hill Estate (comprising the House and two fields) when it came on the market in 1927. It was bought in order to increase its space and privacy. The Retreat Annexe at Millfield (see RET 7/2) was sold by The Retreat in 1928...

Aerial View of The Retreat

Photographer not indicatedColour photograph, looking towards centre front, showing gardens and grounds behind, and surrounding area.

Printed Annual Reports

These are filed by bundle, each bundle covering a decadeSome early printed Reports are included in the Directors' Minute Book 1792 - 1841 (RET 1/1/1/1)Format of Annual Reports - a summary:-The Annual Reports became more detailed as time went ...

Senior Officials Conference, Minute Book

The earlier sheets have been taken out of another volume. There are no meetings after 6 December 1967 until meetings resume on 6 January 1982. No date was set for the next meeting at the 6 December 1967 session. At the meeting of 6 January 1982 no...

Retreat Committee in 1992

Committee is pictured on a different occasion in 1992 from that in RET 1/8/7/22/1.Photograph is taken outside the front of the Retreat.

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