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Nature conservation
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Kirkby Fleetham Heronry

Papers relating to the Trust's involvement in the protection of Yorkshire's largest heronry at Kirkby Fleetham from the impact of local planning applications.

Harmby Quarry

Papers relating to the Trust's interest in the disused quarry at Harmby, including letters, species lists and photographs 1971-1976. The owners of the site declined the Trust's offer to administer the site.

Inkle Moor

Papers concerning the potential acquisition of Inkle Moor as a Trust nature reserve, comprising letters and a report on reserve establishment and including information on site ownership and ongoing management issues. The Trust did not acquire the...

Bretton Lakes

Papers relating to the former Trust reserve at Bretton Lakes, including management committee minutes 1973-1999, acquisition papers and correspondence 1972-2008, and biological records 1999-2000.Further unlisted papers were deposited in 2017, inclu...

Skipwith Common

Papers and photographs concerning the stewardship, ecology and attributes of the former Trust site at Skipwith Common, including legal agreements and tenure records 1968-2000; nature reserve management committee minutes 1969-2000; biological recor...

Grass Wood Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Grass Wood nature reserve, including acquisition and legal papers, 1961-1987; Nature Reserve Management Committee records, 1965-2005; management correspondence, 1958-2008 and biological records 196...

Allerthorpe Common Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Allerthorpe Common, East Yorkshire, covering 1960-2002 and including management committee minutes 1966-1999, early correspondence establishing the Trust's relationship with the Forestry Commis...

Ashberry Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Ashberry nature reserve, including early correspondence 1961-1981, Nature Reserve Management Committee minutes and papers 1970-2003, site management plans 1990-2000 and biological records and resea...

Fen Bog Nature Reserve

Papers concerning the stewardship, ecology and attributes of Fen Bog Nature Reserve, including committee minutes, 1965-1995; Chairman's papers, 1965-1994; biological records 1965-2000 and hydrological records 1990-1996. The files also documen...

Agden Bog Nature Reserve

Papers concerning the stewardship and ecology of Agden bog Nature Reserve, including committee papers and annual reports, 1968-1983, general correspondence on the acquisition and management of the site, 1966-1997, site management plans 1976 and 19...

Hobson's Farm Hay Meadows

Papers relating to the potential acquisition of Hobson's Farm Hay Meadow as a nature reserve, comprising letters, site plans and species lists 1973-1981.

Mad Banks

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Mad Banks, including early management correspondence 1974-1999 and site management plans 1992-1998.Additional unlisted files were deposited at the Borthwick Institute in 2017, including further man...

Stoneycliffe Wood Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the Trust's stewardship of Stoneycliffe Woods Nature Reserve, comprising management correspondence files 1979-1999.Further uncatalogued material includes site acquisition and tenure records, scientific records and breeding ...

Enthorpe Cutting

Comprising papers and correspondence relating to the stewardship of the site, including information on the notification of the site's SSSI status, the geology of the site and fundraising to acquire the site.

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