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The Retreat Archive
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Annual Reports

The Annual Reports for 1974 and 1975 were combined together

Aerial Views of The Retreat

Photographer not indicatedTaken from different directions, all taken after the building of the Council Houses opposite the Retreat and also after the demolition of the Entrance Lodge which dates the photographs to after the late 1960s


The Retreat periodically had its entire contents professionally inventoried and valued to ensure it had correct and up to date information. Other catalogues or inventories of particular items were also made from time to time for a variety of reaso...

Retirement of Dr John Gillespie, 1979

This photograph was taken at the presentation to Dr Gillespie, the Retreat Medical Director, at his retirement, 15 May 1979, and shows Margaret Sessions, Moira Gillespie, Dr R Gillet, Dr John Gillespie and Dr R Bryson.

Nurses’ bedroom

There are no no people in view.This bedroom could be in the new nurses’ residence blocks, Jepson or Catherine.

Pierce Ward

People, including nurses, talking together in lounge.

Antique furniture at The Retreat in December 1976

Pieces were individually photographed in December 1976.Photographs are of different furniture from RET 8/8/1, and numbered 36 - 68, to make the two sets a continuous series; pictured are chairs, tables, doctor's couch, bench, barometer, clock...

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