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Parish records of Old Malton

  • PR/O/M
  • collection
  • 1606-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1606-2003; register of marriages, 1606-2011; register of burials, 1606-1941, 1976-2007 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1806-1812, ages only); register of banns, 1865-2001; regi...

Church of England, Old Malton, St. Mary the Virgin, parish

Backhouse Nursery Archive

  • BN
  • collection
  • c 1815 - 2011

Glass slides relating to the Backhouse Nursery, c.1815-c.1955; James Backhouse Erica Carnea Catalogue, 1911; wage slip for Miss V. Roberts (later Storr), Aug 1950; CD of oral history interview with Daphne Hamilton relating to the Backhouse Nurs...

Backhouse Plant Nursery, plant nursery, York

Parish records of Ledsham

  • PR/LED
  • collection
  • 1539-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1539-1921; register of baptisms (St James, Fairburn), 1945-1999; register of marriages, 1539-1967; register of burials, 1539-1935; register of burials (St James, Fairburn), 1944-1992; register of banns, 1754-1803...

Church of England, Ledsham, All Saints, parish

Parish records of Sheriff Hutton

  • PR/S/H
  • collection
  • 1524-2011

Includes registers of baptisms, 1628-2000; registers of marriages, 1628-2011; registers of burials, 1628-1992; draft registers of Sheriff Hutton baptisms and burials [incumbent’s notebooks], 1807-1822; draft registers of Nunnington baptisms and bu...

Church of England, Sheriff Hutton, St. Helen & the Holy Cross, parish

Parish records of Brafferton

  • collection
  • 1775-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1798-1944 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1798-1812); register of marriages, 1798-2011; register of burials, 1798-2007 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for...

Church of England, Brafferton, St. Peter, parish

Trevor Wishart Archive

  • TWIS
  • collection
  • [1970-2011]

Records of Trevor Wishart, c.1970-2011, including diaries; articles and talks; musical scores; preparatory notes made during creation of compositions; audio recordings of compositions by Wishart; video recordings; publications; reviews; press cutt...

Wishart, Trevor, b 1946, composer

Parish records of Skipwith

  • collection
  • 1654-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1670-1999; register of marriages, 1710-2002; register of burials, 1654-1669, 1670-1880; register of banns, 1813-1963; register of services, 1903-2001; records concerning benefice income, including glebe deed and ...

Church of England, Skipwith, St. Helen, parish

Parish records of York, All Saints, Pavement

  • PR/Y/ASP
  • collection
  • 1296-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1554-1885 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1555-1987); register of burials, 1554-1884 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme fo...

Church of England, York, All Saints, Pavement, parish

York Peptic Ulcer Research Trust Archive

  • collection
  • [1940s-2010]

Records of the York Peptic Ulcer Research Trust, comprising Gastro Follow Up Clinic patient records, 1940s-1990s; dietary surveys of peptic ulcer patients, 1960s; Airedale and York Duodenal Ulcer Study patient records, c.1979-1988; papers concerni...

York Peptic Ulcer Research Trust

William Kaye Sessions Archive

  • WKS
  • collection
  • 1901-2010

Questionnaires, research notes, letters, press cuttings, reports and other papers relating to charities in York, 1901-2010, including a copy of the 'York Charities Enquiry', 1911, material concerning the 1946 report commissioned by the N...

Sessions, William Kaye, 1915-2013, printer and publisher

Society records of the Methodist Church, York, Monkgate Methodist Chapel

  • MR/Y/MKG
  • collection
  • 1885-2010

Records of York Monkgate Methodist Chapel, comprising records of Trustees’, including minute books, 1896-1970, account book, 1885-1915, 1937-1946, 1949-1973, resignation forms and related papers, n.d.; Leaders’ minute book, 1912-1971; church accou...

Monkgate Methodist Chapel, York

Yorkshire Garland Group Archive

  • YGG
  • collection
  • 2005-2010

Constitution, c.2005; Management Committee meeting minutes, 2005-2008; financial papers, 2006-2008; copyright papers; correspondence, 2005-2008; papers concerning Local Heritage Initiative grant, including grant application, plans, quarterly repor...

Yorkshire Garland Group

Parish records of Elvington

  • PR/ELV
  • collection
  • 1600-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1600-1642, 1651-1740, 1745-1977 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1800); register of marriages, 1600-1642, 1654-1740, 1745-1835, 1837-2010; register of burials, 1600-1642, 1...

Church of England, Elvington, Holy Trinity, parish

Parish records of Kirkby Wharfe

  • PR/K/W
  • collection
  • 1583-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1583-1888; register of marriages, 1587-1955, 1957-1981; register of burials, 1586-1876; register of banns, 1866-1953; register of services, 1890-2010; register of Ulleskelf services, 1938-1959; records concerning...

Church of England, Kirkby Wharfe, St. John the Baptist, parish

Parish records of Naburn

  • PR/NAB
  • collection
  • 1653-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1653-1877 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1653-1835, 1839-1987; register of burials, 1653-1971 (note this register uses the Dade registration...

Church of England, Naburn, St. Matthew, parish

Parish records of York, St Chad

  • PR/Y/CH
  • collection
  • 1911-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1926-1991; register of marriages, 1928-2004; register of funerals, 1926-1993; register of banns, 1928-1955, 1960-1989; register of services, 1911-1995; churchwardens’ records, including fabric papers, 1922-1966; ...

Church of England, York, St. Chad, parish

Parish records of Bishopthorpe

  • PR/BIS
  • collection
  • 1692-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1692-1973 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1777-1792 and 1795-1806); register of marriages, 1692-1976, 1992-2009; register of burials, 1692-1925 (note this register uses the Dad...

Church of England, Bishopthorpe, St. Andrew, parish

Sessions of York Archive

  • SOY
  • collection
  • [1900-2010]

Directors’ Meeting reports, 1999-2000, 2005; memorandum on strategic planning, 1983; profit and loss accounts, 1998-2000; records of Machine Division, including accounts and business plans, 1988-2001; records of Label Division, including business ...

Sessions of York, printers

Society records of the Methodist Church, Fulford Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

  • MR/FUL
  • collection
  • 1845-2010

Register of baptisms, 1845-2001; register of marriages, 1925-2010.Records of Trustees, including minutes of meetings, 1860-1995, accounts, 1845-1993, and bank book, 1962-1971; Leaders’ meetings minute book, 1909-1930, 1959-1972; minutes of annual ...

Fulford Methodist Chapel

The Retreat Archive

  • RET
  • collection
  • [late 18th century-21st century]

Three aspects of the Retreat archive make it important to the history of medicineFirst, it reflects the special character of the Retreat. It is impossible to underestimate the significance of the archive for an understanding of the development of ...

The Retreat, Yorkshire, hospital

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