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Note that the earlier reports run from mid year to mid year (see details below). 1871 is the first report covering a complete calendar year.PHOTOGRAPHS IN REPORTS ETCPhotographs in Bootham Park Annual ReportsPhotographs regularly appeared in the A...

Papers relating to York Lunatic Asylum

These papers all relate to the controversies at York Lunatic Asylum in the early 19th c. Samuel Tuke was one of the reforming party who eventually effected reform in the asylum's staffing and management, and he subsequently became closely inv...

Papers relating to other asylums

These include some manuscript and some printed material. Some of these items are here because of the connections of Retreat staff; others must have been sent to, or acquired by, The Retreat, in some cases for comparative purposes. Other asylums ha...


Diaries, comprising diaries of Mary, Countess Grey, wife of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey, 1822-1843; diaries, including accounts and memoranda, of Sir Francis Wood, 2nd baronet, 1803-1834, 1842-1846; diaries of Anne, Lady Wood, wife of Sir Francis Wood,...

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