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General site file 1974-1981

Letters and assorted papers relating to the running of Moorlands reserve, including information on sporting rights, access to the site, grants for developing the site, tree felling and the theft of nest boxes and eggs.The file also includes some a...

General site file 1986-1999

Letters, site plans and press cuttings relating to the Moorlands nature reserve including information on drainage, tree felling and the proposal for a site warden.The file also includes plans of Moorlands Hospital, copies of planning applications ...

Internal Drainage Board Appeal Papers

Including information on the Trust's appeal against the Ouse and Derwent Internal Drainage Board (IDB) over the IDBs levy valuation of the drainage rate affecting Skipwith Common. The file contains the legal history of the appeal, the Trust&#...

General Site File 1976-1979

Correspondence and papers concerning the Trust's management of the site, including threats to the ecology of the site form external developments. The file documents the Trust's relationship with local residents and the tensions between a...

General Site File 1982-1986

Comprising correspondence and papers concerning the management of Skipwith Common. The file includes a significant amount of correspondence with renowned York naturalist and author, Frank Oates.

General Site File 1994

Comprising correspondence and papers relating to the Trust's management of Skipwith common, including information on tree felling at the site, riparian and other sporting rights across the Common and the establishment of grazing agreements as...

General Site File 1997-2000

Comprising correspondence and papers relating to the Trust's management of Skipwith Common, including information on coal extraction and its potential ecological impact.

Wildlife Enhancement Scheme Papers 1992-1995

Including correspondence between the Trust and English Nature, the grant-giver, concerning the practical conservation work carried out at Skipwith Common, The file includes information on fencing, conservation grazing programmes, management record...

Botanical Records

Comprising species lists and vegetation surveys for Skipwith Common, including lists of fungi and bryophytes, and details of vegetation monitoring schemes.

Site Aquisition and Legal Rights 1961-1984

Including significant correspondence on rights of estovers in Grass Wood. The correspondence is mainly with families or individuals with pre-existing rights to collect firewood from Grass Wood.The file also includes a copy of the 1983 property con...

Grass Wood Ornithological Records 1973-2006

Including letters, maps, site reports and species lists and containing information on the recording and distribution of birds at Grass Wood, sightings of birds and nests by species, 1973, and maps of species at the site, 2006.

Site Management Plans 1965-2002

The file includes the following Allerthorpe Common Management Plans:Management Plan 1965, inlcuding species data and site mapundated Management Plan, c1985undated Management Plan, including a site map dated 1992-2002Management Plan 1995, including...

Biological Records 1971-1990

Papers relating to the species present at Allerthorpe Common, collated from 1971-1990 but also including a copy of a 1964 vegetation map. The file contains field notes, species lists, letters and site plans, as well as research and press cuttings ...

Site Management Plans 1990-2006

The file includes the following management plans:Draft Management Plan,1990, including annotations.Management Plan 1995-2000, written 1994, including species data and site maps.Management Plan 2001-2006, written 2000.The file contains a list of sp...

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