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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Archive
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Council Minutes 1960-1973

Minutes recording the death of Francis Terry and of many other founding members of the Trust. Also recorded are the design of a new Trust logo, the Derwent Valley Washlands Case, and the administrative reorganisations of the Trust in 1967 and 1972.

Lake Gormire

Papers relating to the Trust's involvement with Lake Gormire, a Site of Special Scientific Interest in North Yorkshire, covering 1960-1963. The site was first notified as an SSSI in 1954 and a revised renotification issued in 1985 when the bo...

Correspondence with SPNR 1946-1961

Including correspondence and papers relating to the establishment of the Yorkshire Naturalists' Trust in 1946 and the appointment of early life members, and information on the purchase of land at Spurn, with which the SPNR assisted.The file a...

Site Aquisition and Legal Rights 1961-1984

Including significant correspondence on rights of estovers in Grass Wood. The correspondence is mainly with families or individuals with pre-existing rights to collect firewood from Grass Wood.The file also includes a copy of the 1983 property con...

General Site Files

A chronological series of files pertaining to the general stewardship of Ashberry. The original order and structure of the files has been maintained.

Ashberry Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Ashberry nature reserve, including early correspondence 1961-1981, Nature Reserve Management Committee minutes and papers 1970-2003, site management plans 1990-2000 and biological records and resea...

Site Stewardship

Comprising papers relating to the stewardship of the site from its acquisition to ongoing relationships with both the Nature Reserve Management Committee and with external parties. Records include reserve committee minutes 1970-2003, tenure docume...

Bishopthorpe Palace Grounds

Papers relating to the Trust's relationship with Rosalie Habgood, wife of Archbishop John Habgood, and her work in preserving and developing the ecological interest of the grounds of Bishopthorpe Palace between 1961 and 1987.

General Site File 1961-1987

Papers relating to the trust's involvement in the management of the grounds of Bishopthorpe Palace. The file contains corresponddnce, predeominantly with Rosalie Habgood, and the Trust's five-year management plan for the site (1987-1992)...

General Site File 1961-1980

Papers relating to the early establishment of the site, including correspondence with land owners and agents, tenants and the Forestry Commission Officer, Gunnar Godwin, regarding the value of the site and the role of the Trust in its future. The ...

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