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Office and Factory Salaries Analysis

These files are arranged in two sections for Office and Factory Salaries: with a list of departments with monthly salary totals for men and women and/or by grade- 'Higher', 'Intermediate', and 'Scale', clerical and no...

Cocoa Purchase Books

Arranged by variety/country of origin; Stock and commitments (as at 31 December or 1 January) and subsequent purchases; date, remarks, P.I. number., lot no., weight, value, price per cwt.

Gum and Sugar Purchase Books

Stock and Commitments with subsequent purchases; date, remarks,, weight, value, price per cwt. The volume for 1965 lists purchases for each Associated Company or factory separately: York, Egremont, Duncans, Hughes, Shuttleworth and Whitefi...

Warrant Books

Arranged by place/[storage or freight company], covering York, Hull, Goole, Halifax, Manchester, Newcastle, Dundee. Relate mainly to ingredients, but also mentions second cost items.Date, Port and ship, warehouse form number, lot number, (brief) d...

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