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Insulin Coma Therapy being given

Photographs show close-ups of a nurse with a patient being given insulin coma therapy.These photographs are stills from a scene in the film ‘Light through the Cloud’ (see RET 1/6/1/26) which dealt with mental nursing at the Retreat.

William H. Sessions

W.H. Sessions was a Committee member and also Treasurer of The Retreat, retiring in 1965.Photographs arranged in 5 parts.

Annual Reports

In 1965 the Committee Report was adjusted so that it too would cover the calendar year. In order to do so, two Committee Reports were issued in 1965. The first of these actually covered April-December 1964. The second of these covered the calendar...


Photographs are arranged in 3 parts.

Snooker being played in Retreat lounges

One photograph is of two men playing snooker in a lounge, c 1950s.One photograph is of a snooker table in new sun lounge (enclosed verandah), mid 20th century.

Staff Conferences

The Staff Conference was reconstituted in 1952, into five groups: nurses, women domestic staff, artisans, administrative and clerical, medical officers. Each group had its own chairman and sent its secretary and representatives to the Staff Confer...

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