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Rough Costings for Creams

This file contains sheets giving date, [recipe] number, product name, ingredients, net price and cost of each, total cost, cost of centre, chocolate, top, 5% added to cover loss during manufacture and final total (ie total first cost); in bundles ...

Rough Costings for Creams

This file contains sheets giving date, [recipe] number, product name ingredients, net price and cost of each and total cost; in two bundles, marked: "Cream Department Rough Copies" October 1913- December 1917; and "2nd Quality"...

First Cost Book

This book concerns cream and almond products only, and is arranged by product with index. It contains the quantities of each ingredient, with unit price, cost and total cost at approximately 6 monthly intervals. (Most recipes are costed to 1910 on...

Report by T.J. E[vans] Chief Accountant

This file contains a report relating to a visit to Cadbury's concerning costing and accounting procedures, 1918; and a report by C.H. Northcott concerning standard output, March 1923; a report concerning the work of the Costing Department, Ja...

Marriage Allowance Book

This book contains information for name, reference number, department, age, years service, average [weekly] wage, date of marriage, amount of 3 days full pay; with yearly figures, 1911-1932, for average [weekly] wage, number married average age, a...

Wages: Men No. 4

This file includes information for name, total wage less deductions, war bonus, day wage (or) piece wage, time worked, standard wage, deductions for pension fund, friendly society, health insurance and unemployment insurance, and employee number. ...

Stock Analysis Summary

This file contains half-yearly totals of ingredients, joiners', bricklayers' and mechanics' stock, goods manufactured and in process, wrapping and packaging materials, and sundries.

Mechanics' and Joiners' Stock Book

This book contains inventories, twice yearly, arranged by location and then type of stock. The book is signed by J W Rowntree (first entry only) and then H Giles and countersigned by Thomas W Weston; with a summary at the end of the volume.

Ingredients [Stock Taking] Books

These books are arranged alphabetically by type of ingredient; details, half-yearly, of unit price, total [stock] and total value, are under four headings - Cream and Confectionery, Gum, Fact[ory] and Melangeur, and Cake.

Haxby Road Ingredients Stock Book

The contents and arrangement of this file is the sames as that of R/DF/AA/51. At the end of the volumes there is a summary with totals of types of ingredients and manufactured stock in various blocks and rooms at Haxby Road.

Tanners Moat Ingredients Stock Book

This file contains stock-taking for every half year (June and December); quantity, description, price per given unit, total value and classification, for cocoa (raw, in bond, nibs, roaster, ground, essence, butter), nuts, sugar, flavourings, etc; ...

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