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Gum Show Cases Journal 'GJ'

This file contains records of the purchase/lease of showcases by customers (retailers), whose names and addresses are given; and allocation of proceeds to different accounts. Most of the volume is blank.

Advertising Budget

This file contains advertising budgets, estimated monthly for press, film and bill posting for each line and also for salaries, printing, displays, showcards, export, radio and visits to the works etc.

Advertising Expenditure

This file contains estimated, monthly and cumulative half-yearly figures for press, film and bill posting for each product.

Advertising Report Working Papers

This file contains summary figures of expenditure through each advertising agency, by medium, departmental allocation, analysis by product and comparison with sales.

Advertising Expenditure

This file contains half-yearly and yearly totals by product type, 1910-1932; and a summary for each half-year with total expenditure for each product type (eg cocoa, chocolate, gums) by medium (subdivided into specific sub-headings), 1915-1950. Fo...

Advertising Appropriation Book

This file contains a calculation of appropriation (as a percentage of net sales), with details of actual expenditure and balance of reserve fund, and separate accounts for Elect Cocoa and Elect Chocolate. The file also contains yearly figures, 191...

Analysis of Accounts

This file contains totals of actual and budget expenditure under subject-based headings for Advertising, Labour Department, Dunollie; and a list of outside courses and conferences attended with costs.

Miscellaneous Accounts

This file contains a supplies manufacturing, flavour section trading account, 1930-1946; a chemical laboratory experimental section trading account, 1938-1948; expense accounts for Todmorden and Walsden factories, 1942-1953, fire brigade, 1938-194...

Dining Room Accounts

This file contains half-yearly expenditure and revenue accounts, including details of overhead charges borne by Rowntree and Co and the net cost of the department to the company; with a comparison year on year.

Rough Accounts

These accounts also concern the Selection and Training, and Dining Room departments.

Rough Accounts

These accounts are for the departments Employment and Social, and Medical and Sickness, to 1951.

Rough Accounts

These accounts are balanced each half year, arranged chronologically and then by department. The departments include: Showrooms and Local Offices, expenses under various headings for each showroom; Employment and Social, including wedding and leav...

Departmental Results, Profit and Loss Accounts

This file contains accounts, half yearly, for elect cocoa, lemonade, other cocoas, cake, cream and confectionery and gum; with details of ingredients, wages and second costs against income from sales. At the end of the volume there is a summary of...

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