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S I Ledger

This file contains stock lists of parts and machinery under accounts for Duncans and Mechanics and Joiners, including stock for the Fawdon factory; at half-year intervals.

Resale Ledger ('R')

This file contains details of project number, date [approved], capital and revenue costs; with a list of work and equipment, date, account reference code, and total cost within 6-month periods. It concerns projects mainly for associated companies.

Plant and Machinery Record

This file contains record sheets filed into a volume with details of plant and machinery purchased, with date, cost, invoice number, description, depreciation and balance sheet value. There are no details of the department for which the order was ...

Plant and Machinery Register

This file contains, for each section of the factory, a chronological list of plant and machinery and the date it was purchased; with details of the depreciation allowed, and yearly figures, 1959-1972, for additions made, depreciation and B[alance]...

M R 3, Machinery Repairs Ledger

This file contains details of machinery with [original cost] and the cost of [repairs/depreciation] in the gum department. The ledger has been annotated to indicate machinery written off or thrown out.

M E H Ledger (Project Ledger)

This ledger is arranged by department with an item by item list of work done and equipment purchased, and the account reference code and cost within 6-month periods.

Machinery Ledgers Balance

This file contains figures arranged to check balances of ledgers MET, [Value of machinery at Tanner's Moat], MEH, [Value of Machinery at Haxby Road], MS, IM, and LB.

L[and] and B[uilding] Details

This file contains details of all new buildings extensions and improvements; with a breakdown of the costs of labour and materials at each stage, names of contractors, clerk of works if built by Rowntree staff, architects and suppliers; and deduct...

E L Ledger [Project Ledger]

This file contains the establishment number, date, capital and revenue costs, and total costs per item for each 6 month period.

DW Depreciation and Working Account

This file contains asset accounts for depots and local office fittings, research capital, details of the Mallow plant and machinery, vehicles of all types, moulds, tins and trays, vending machines, the contents of 56 Green Street (from 1967), the...

Papers Regarding Machinery Depreciation

These papers relate to vending machines; arranged by type, number owned, date purchased, cost, and depreciation/written off, 1972-1977. The file also contains cost and depreciation figures for maisonette at 56 Green Street, London W1 [Chairman...

Building Capital Costs Ledger Part 2, Departmental Costs

This file contains the original capital cost of all blocks or buildings erected. It is arranged by department and then by section. There is an index of departments at the beginning of the volume, and a list of sections under each department. Infor...

Building Capital Costs Ledger Part 1, Block Costs

This file contains the original capital cost of all blocks of buildings erected. It is arranged by block, with a numerical list of blocks at beginning of volume. It contains information for block number, date built, and for each room the following...

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