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Central Midwives Board Register (of individual midwife)

This register is in the same printed form as the long series of Central Midwives Board Registers, but was kept by one person only over eight months and contains a far larger number of cases per month. Possibly it served the same purpose as the mid...

Obstetrics Register

This register lists women expecting home births who were given maternity letters by the resident obstetric officer. It gives details of names, addresses and family situations and of former pregnancies as well as of subsequent labour. Entry in the ...

Antenatal Patients Address Books

These books give details of names, addresses and blood test results (including those for syphilis) of those attending the antenatal clinic at Duncombe Place which was run by Acomb Maternity Hospital. From 1956/7 an estimated date of confinement wa...

Case Sheets

Case records are in bound volumes up to 1939. Those from 1943 are loose files, listed by the covering dates of each box.

Admission Books

BOO 6/2/1 'Admission Books':-These date from the opening of the Asylum in 1777, and continue up to 1897. The minimum information is given about each patient, but until c1816 they are the only admission record. After c1830 this series was...

Registers of Cases

BOO 6/2/2 'Registers of Cases':-These begin c1815 or 1816 (the first pages of the first volume in this series are missing). The institution of this second series is linked to the 'reformed regime' which began at the Asylum in 1...

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