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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Archive
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General Site Files

A chronological series of files pertaining to the general stewardship of Grass Wood nature reserve. The original order and structure of the files has been maintained.

Walton Hall and Park

Papers and press cuttings relating to the Trust's involvement with the Walton Hall site in West Yorkshire. The hall was the ancestral home of Charles Waterton who, in the 1820s, constructed the world's first nature reserve in its grounds.

Site Acquisition Papers 1959-1997

Containing early correspondence, photographs, press cuttings and other publicity materials concerning the Trust's acquisition of the site from the War Office. The purchase of the site by the Trust generated considerable controversy within the...

General Site File 1959-1977

Papers relating to the Trust's involvement with the site at Walton Hall, including letters, maps of the site and annotated press cuttings. Much of the file relates to the proposed sale and redevelopment of the site and the balance of this wit...

Spurn National Nature Reserve

Papers and photographs concerning the stewardship of the site, which was acquired by the Trust in 1959 as its third nature reserve. The records include information on the acquisition of the site and the associated tensions with local residents, in...

Executive Committee Minutes 1960-1965

Including transfers of deeds relating to Askham Bog, Spurn and Moorlands and information on the proposed administrative reorganisation of the Trust, 1964.The file also contains the names and addresses of membership applicants and Council members.

Allerthorpe Common Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Allerthorpe Common, East Yorkshire, covering 1960-2002 and including management committee minutes 1966-1999, early correspondence establishing the Trust's relationship with the Forestry Commis...

Site Stewardship

Papers relating to the stewardship of Allerthorpe Common, including minutes and annual reports produced by the Nature Reserve Management Committee 1966-1999 and general correspondence files documenting the running of the site, 1960-1996.

Executive Committee Minutes

Minutes and papers of the Executive Committee, reporting on general issues relating to the operational running of the Trust, responding to issues raised in Council and receiving reports from other subordinate committees.

Membership List 1960

A printed and published list of members and patrons of the Trust in 1960. This copy was found inside the flyleaf of a Trust account book.

Press and Communications

Press releases issued by the Trust and press cuttings both about the Trust and by Trust Officers, including the Trust Newsletter, 1960-1977; Trust magazine, 1983-2010; Press cuttings, 1962-2006; Press releases, 1993-1994; Nature Reserves News, 197...

Management plans and correspondence

File including letters and management plans for the site, including the site management plan 2000-2005, site plans for tree felling and mowing, including photographs, and Forestry Commission (later Natural England) consent forms for work carried o...

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