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Papers relating to Isabella Sharp

Letters by her to Dr BakerPatient no. 748, 1012, in Retreat 1846 - 1848, 1861 - 1888 (died). Age 18 on first admission, Quaker, single, apprentice to a staymaker, also described as a "poor person", from Reading. Moral insanity and imbeci...

Papers relating to William B. Shaw

Letters about him by Dr Baker, Commissioners in Lunacy and solicitors, re. legal proceduresPatient no. 1406, in Retreat 1880 - 1882 (transferred to York Lunatic Asylum). Age 50 on admission, non-Quaker, married, dealer in cloth, from Bridlington. ...

Papers relating to Alfred Smith

His diary 1877 - 1878, and with it a photograph of him, a few minor printed items and 20th c. notes about himHis diary records in minute detail the routes of his walks around York, and it also gives some detail of his Retreat lifePatient no. 881, ...

Papers relating to Henry Smith

Statements and reports on himPatient no. 951, in Retreat 1858 (discharged). Age 63 on admission, Quaker, married, formerly a coal agent, from Doncaster. Nervous excitement, chronic moral insanity

Papers relating to Wycherley Stone

Letters between Retreat and his family over overdue payment for his maintenancePatient no. 491, in Retreat 1834 - 1878 (died). Age 19 on admission, Quaker, single, grocer, from London. Incoherence, mania, tendency to dementia

Papers relating to Thomas H. Theobald

Letters by him to Dr Kitching, friends and family, letter to him by friendPatient no. 904, in Retreat 1855 - 1902 (died). Age 21 on admission, Quaker, single, grocer's assistant, from Henley on Thames. Melancholia

Papers relating to George Tickell

Short inventory of his belongings sent to LondonPatient no. 212, 394, 687, in Retreat 1817 - 1820, 1828 - 1830, 1843 - 1854 ((died). Age 29 on first admission, Quaker, single, chemist and druggist, later gentleman, from London. Violent mania and m...

Papers relating to Joseph Unthank

Letter to himPatient no. 1153, in Retreat 1870 - 1871 (discharged). Age 35 on admission, Quaker, single, grocer, from Sunderland. Mild mania with delusions

Papers relating to Jane Ward

Letters by her to friends and family, includes a statement by her about her casePatient no. 1224, in Retreat 1874 - 1877 (discharged). Age 32 on admission, Quaker, single, governess, from Clapham, London. Delusional mania

Papers relating to Henry Wilkinson

Letter by him to Dr BakerPatient no. 1545, in Retreat 1885 (discharged). Age 41 on admission, non-Quaker, married, box manufacturer, from Leeds. Delusional insanity

Papers relating to Hannah Woodville

Printed reports on her railway shares and some billsPatient no. 45, 564, 891, in Retreat 1799, 1800 - 1801, 1854 - 1864 (died). Age 19 on first admission, Quaker, single, dressmaker and servant, later nurse at Retreat, from Balby, later of York. M...

Papers relating to Joseph Woolley junior

An account by him of a period spent at home 1846-7 (between his admissions to Retreat)This is a 38 page notebook, written at Retreat soon after his second admissionPatient no. 739, 766, in Retreat 1846, 1847 (discharged). Age 30 on first admission...

Correspondence Files arranged by name of Patient

The bulk of the correspondence files on patients are contained in this series: these comprise individual folders for patients, which include the correspondence of the Medical Superintendent and his medical assistants with patients' relatives ...

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