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The MacCarthy Foulds Archive Item
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Blank bank book with pages removed

Inscription on the front reads (C.W. MacCarthy, Esq. MD, FerrisPlace, Clonmel'. Inside flap annotated by Maud MacCarthy: 'Theinscription on cover of this bankbook of my father's seems toindicate that I was born in Ferris Place, Clon...

Clipping from the Sunday Mirror

Photograph of General Pau and members of the French Mission visiting the Fine Art Gallery of Anthony Horden and Sons to see plaster casts by Dr Charles W. MacCarthy, with biographical information about the same.


Offering congratulations on Maud MacCarthy's performance of Brahms.

Letter to 'Darling Mother'

Regarding the death and burial of Marion MacCarthy's youngest son, Ernest John MacCarthy (1887-1902), and offering a philosophy of mourning. Signed 'Charlie'. Found inside MCF/2/1/1/3/2.


Expressing sympathy and understanding of her life choices. Incomplete, second page only.

Letter to 'Mother'

Regarding care arrangements for Joan Mann, asking to borrow money for a new violin bow and John Foulds' war service status.

Letter to 'Darling'

Regarding Maud's life in Adyar, her future in the T.S. and theosophy's role in arts, science and philosophy. From Adyar, Madras.

Letter to 'Darling'

Regarding Annie Besant, the Esoteric School of Theosophy and a cure for sleeplessness. From Adyar, Madras.

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