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Reverend Michael Escritt Archive

  • RME
  • fonds
  • 1998-2011

Notes from sermons given after his retirement, June 1998-2010; 'Safe in your Hands', an autobiography of Michael Escritt, 2006; 'A Year in Remission 2007-2008', printed autobiographical account of his year in remission from leu...

Escritt, Michael William, 1935-2011, clergyman

Parish records of Old Malton

  • PR/O/M
  • fonds
  • 1606-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1606-2003; register of marriages, 1606-2011; register of burials, 1606-1941, 1976-2007 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1806-1812, ages only); register of banns, 1865-2001; regi...

Church of England, Old Malton, St. Mary the Virgin, parish

Backhouse Nursery Archive

  • BN
  • fonds
  • c 1815 - 2011

Glass slides relating to the Backhouse Nursery, c.1815-c.1955; James Backhouse Erica Carnea Catalogue, 1911; wage slip for Miss V. Roberts (later Storr), Aug 1950; CD of oral history interview with Daphne Hamilton relating to the Backhouse Nurs...

Backhouse Plant Nursery, plant nursery, York

Parish records of Ledsham

  • PR/LED
  • fonds
  • 1539-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1539-1921; register of baptisms (St James, Fairburn), 1945-1999; register of marriages, 1539-1967; register of burials, 1539-1935; register of burials (St James, Fairburn), 1944-1992; register of banns, 1754-1803...

Church of England, Ledsham, All Saints, parish

Parish records of Sheriff Hutton

  • PR/S/H
  • fonds
  • 1524-2011

Includes registers of baptisms, 1628-2000; registers of marriages, 1628-2011; registers of burials, 1628-1992; draft registers of Sheriff Hutton baptisms and burials [incumbent’s notebooks], 1807-1822; draft registers of Nunnington baptisms and bu...

Church of England, Sheriff Hutton, St. Helen & the Holy Cross, parish

Parish records of Brafferton

  • fonds
  • 1775-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1798-1944 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1798-1812); register of marriages, 1798-2011; register of burials, 1798-2007 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for...

Church of England, Brafferton, St. Peter, parish

Trevor Wishart Archive

  • TWIS
  • fonds
  • [1970-2011]

Records of Trevor Wishart, c.1970-2011, including diaries; articles and talks; musical scores; preparatory notes made during creation of compositions; audio recordings of compositions by Wishart; video recordings; publications; reviews; press cutt...

Wishart, Trevor, b 1946, composer

Parish records of Skipwith

  • fonds
  • 1654-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1670-1999; register of marriages, 1710-2002; register of burials, 1654-1669, 1670-1880; register of banns, 1813-1963; register of services, 1903-2001; records concerning benefice income, including glebe deed and ...

Church of England, Skipwith, St. Helen, parish

Parish records of York, All Saints, Pavement

  • PR/Y/ASP
  • fonds
  • 1296-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1554-1885 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1555-1987); register of burials, 1554-1884 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme fo...

Church of England, York, All Saints, Pavement, parish

York Peptic Ulcer Research Trust Archive

  • fonds
  • [1940s-2010]

Records of the York Peptic Ulcer Research Trust, comprising Gastro Follow Up Clinic patient records, 1940s-1990s; dietary surveys of peptic ulcer patients, 1960s; Airedale and York Duodenal Ulcer Study patient records, c.1979-1988; papers concerni...

York Peptic Ulcer Research Trust

William Kaye Sessions Archive

  • WKS
  • fonds
  • 1901-2010

Questionnaires, research notes, letters, press cuttings, reports and other papers relating to charities in York, 1901-2010, including a copy of the 'York Charities Enquiry', 1911, material concerning the 1946 report commissioned by the N...

Sessions, William Kaye, 1915-2013, printer and publisher

Society records of the Methodist Church, York, Monkgate Methodist Chapel

  • MR/Y/MKG
  • fonds
  • 1885-2010

Records of York Monkgate Methodist Chapel, comprising records of Trustees’, including minute books, 1896-1970, account book, 1885-1915, 1937-1946, 1949-1973, resignation forms and related papers, n.d.; Leaders’ minute book, 1912-1971; church accou...

Monkgate Methodist Chapel, York

Yorkshire Garland Group Archive

  • YGG
  • fonds
  • 2005-2010

Constitution, c.2005; Management Committee meeting minutes, 2005-2008; financial papers, 2006-2008; copyright papers; correspondence, 2005-2008; papers concerning Local Heritage Initiative grant, including grant application, plans, quarterly repor...

Yorkshire Garland Group

Parish records of Elvington

  • PR/ELV
  • fonds
  • 1600-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1600-1642, 1651-1740, 1745-1977 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1800); register of marriages, 1600-1642, 1654-1740, 1745-1835, 1837-2010; register of burials, 1600-1642, 1...

Church of England, Elvington, Holy Trinity, parish

Parish records of Kirkby Wharfe

  • PR/K/W
  • fonds
  • 1583-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1583-1888; register of marriages, 1587-1955, 1957-1981; register of burials, 1586-1876; register of banns, 1866-1953; register of services, 1890-2010; register of Ulleskelf services, 1938-1959; records concerning...

Church of England, Kirkby Wharfe, St. John the Baptist, parish

Parish records of Naburn

  • PR/NAB
  • fonds
  • 1653-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1653-1877 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1653-1835, 1839-1987; register of burials, 1653-1971 (note this register uses the Dade registration...

Church of England, Naburn, St. Matthew, parish

Parish records of York, St Chad

  • PR/Y/CH
  • fonds
  • 1911-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1926-1991; register of marriages, 1928-2004; register of funerals, 1926-1993; register of banns, 1928-1955, 1960-1989; register of services, 1911-1995; churchwardens’ records, including fabric papers, 1922-1966; ...

Church of England, York, St. Chad, parish

Parish records of Bishopthorpe

  • PR/BIS
  • fonds
  • 1692-2010

Includes register of christenings, 1692-1973 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1777-1792 and 1795-1806); register of marriages, 1692-1976, 1992-2009; register of burials, 1692-1925 (note this register uses the Dad...

Church of England, Bishopthorpe, St. Andrew, parish

Sessions of York Archive

  • SOY
  • fonds
  • [1900-2010]

Directors’ Meeting reports, 1999-2000, 2005; memorandum on strategic planning, 1983; profit and loss accounts, 1998-2000; records of Machine Division, including accounts and business plans, 1988-2001; records of Label Division, including business ...

Sessions of York, printers

Society records of the Methodist Church, Fulford Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

  • MR/FUL
  • fonds
  • 1845-2010

Register of baptisms, 1845-2001; register of marriages, 1925-2010.Records of Trustees, including minutes of meetings, 1860-1995, accounts, 1845-1993, and bank book, 1962-1971; Leaders’ meetings minute book, 1909-1930, 1959-1972; minutes of annual ...

Fulford Methodist Chapel

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