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Cordelia Monsey Archive

  • CMON
  • collection
  • 1997-2008

Scripts and notes for productions with the Peter Hall Company including ‘The Seagull’ (1997); ‘Waste’ (1997); ‘King Lear’(1997); ‘Amadeus’ (1998); ‘Bacchai’ (2002); ‘Waiting for Godot’ (2005); ‘Old Times’ (2007); ‘Love’s Labours Lost’ (2008); ‘Be...

Monsey, Cordelia, b 1956, director

Parish records of Wigginton

  • PR/WIG
  • collection
  • 1691-2008

Includes register of christenings, 1691-1866, 1887-1983 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1691-1811, 1813-1992; register of burials, 1691-1933 (note this register uses the Dade r...

Church of England, Wigginton, St. Nicholas

Records of the Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust

  • YHCT
  • collection
  • 1978-2008

Papers and correspondence concerning the establishment of the Trust, 1978-1981, including working party minutes, 1987-1988, and Trust deeds and related correspondence with the charity commissioners, 1987-1988; annual reports, 1989-2002; minutes of...

Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust

Parish records of Huntington

  • PR/HUN
  • collection
  • 1590-2008

Includes register of christenings, 1590-1986 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1773-1812); register of marriages, 1590-2008; register of marriages at New Earswick, 1984-1991; register of burials, 1590-1958 (note t...

Church of England, Huntington, All Saints, parish

Parish records of Thorpe Bassett

  • PR/T/B
  • collection
  • 1656-2008

Includes register of christenings, 1656-1679, 1690-1979; register of marriages, 1656-1679, 1690-1812, 1815-2008; register of banns of marriage 1823-1996; register of burials, 1656-1679, 1690-1812, 1814-1979; register of confirmations 1963-2002; re...

Church of England, Thorpe Bassett, All Saints, parish

National Disabled Persons Housing Service Archive

  • collection
  • [1992-2007]

Annual reports, 1997-2001; annual reports and accounts, 1997, 1999, 2003-2006; Annual General Meeting papers, 1996, 2003-2005; Management Committee Meeting papers, 2003-2005; finance reports and papers, 2005-2006; papers concerning funding, c.1998...

National Disabled Persons Housing Service Ltd

Pace and Sims Archive

  • PS
  • collection
  • [1940s]-2007

Architectural records of George Gaze Pace and Ronald Sims, 1940s-2007, including project proposals, specifications, invoices, site and building plans, correspondence, press cuttings and other papers concerning architectural projects principally in...

Pace, George Gaze, 1915-1975, architect

Parish records of Allerthorpe

  • PR/ALL
  • collection
  • 1616-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1616-1674, 1681-1991 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1779-1812); register of marriages, 1616-1674, 1695-1925, 1990-2007; register of burials, 1616-1695, 1828-1989; register of ...

Church of England, Allerthorpe, St. Botolph, parish

Parish records of West Heslerton

  • collection
  • 1561-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1561-1809, 1813-1867; register of marriages, 1584-2007; register of burials, 1561-1931 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1799-1812, ages only); register of banns, 1823-1879; regi...

Church of England, West Heslerton, All Saints, parish

Parish records of Thorganby

  • collection
  • 1653-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1653-1885 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1792-1812); register of marriages, 1653-1835, 1837-2003; register of burials, 1653-1957 (note this register uses the Dade registration...

Church of England, Thorganby, St. Helen, parish

Papers of Reverend Peter P. Wood

  • PWOO
  • collection
  • 1960-2007

Papers of Reverend Peter Wood, comprising mainly sermon notes (with index), as well as some press cuttings and other related material, 1960-2007. Some papers have been annotated by his wife Rita Wood.

Wood, Peter Palmer, 1936-1997, clergyman

Selby United Charities Archive

  • SUC
  • collection
  • 1917-2007

SUC committee papers, including reports and accounts, 1987-2004; agenda for meetings, 1988-2001; minutes, 1917-1980, 1987-2006; lists of trustees, 1987-2000; general correspondence, 1995-2004; correspondence from the Charity Commission, 1992-2005;...

Selby United Charities

Vivian Liff Archive

  • VLIF
  • collection
  • 1949-2002

Papers of Vivian Liff, comprising correspondence, cards, press cuttings, photographs and other papers exchanged between Liff and Lord and Lady Harewood, 1949-2002; letters from Cathy Gaskin Cornberg., n.d; letter from Lord Harewood to Professor St...

Liff, Vivian Alexander, b 1926, architect and musicologist

Parish records of Church Fenton

  • PR/C/F
  • collection
  • 1627-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1630-1739, 1750-1996 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1777-1808); register of marriages, 1630-1739, 1750-1998; register of burials, 1627-1739, 1750-1978 (note this register uses...

Church of England, Church Fenton, St. Mary, parish

Parish records of York, Christ Church, Stockton Lane

  • PR/Y/CC
  • collection
  • 1964-2007

Register of services, 1964-1987; Parochial Church Council meeting minutes and related papers, 1970-2007.

Church of England, York, Christ Church, Stockton Lane, parish

Papers of Morris Maddocks, Bishop of Selby

  • MMAD
  • collection
  • 1955-2007

Papers of Bishop Morris Maddocks, 1955-2008, including unsorted working papers as Bishop of Selby, 1974-1975, including correspondence, appointment diary, newsletters and presscuttings, and other papers; ecclesiastical licenses and commissions, 19...

Maddocks, Morris Henry St John, 1928-2008, Bishop of Selby

Parish records of Copmanthorpe

  • PR/COP
  • collection
  • 1759-c 2007

Includes register of christenings, 1759-1997 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1781-1812, maiden names only); register of marriages, 1845-2008; register of burials, 1759-1947 (note this register uses the Dade regi...

Church of England, Copmanthorpe, St. Giles, parish

Parish records of Newton Kyme

  • PR/N/K
  • collection
  • 1632-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1633-1636, 1682-1791, 1793-1811, 1813-1982; register of marriages, 1634-1636, 1682-1808, 1813-2007; register of burials, 1633-1636, 1682-1991 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 17...

Church of England, Newton Kyme, St. Andrew, parish

Parish records of Rufforth

  • PR/RUF
  • collection
  • 1655-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1655-1904 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1655-1987; register of burials, 1655-1992 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for...

Church of England, Rufforth, All Saints, parish

Parish records of York, St Edward the Confessor, Dringhouses

  • PR/Y/ED
  • collection
  • 1824-2007

Includes register of christenings, 1849-2000; register of marriages, 1853-2007; register of burials, 1824-1890, 1953-1955; register of banns, 1928-1970; register of services, 1882-2005; register of strange preachers, 1849-1946; records concerning ...

Church of England, York, St. Edward the Confessor, Dringhouses, parish

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