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Committee books

These books start with the founding of the society in 1768. There is a gap in the surviving registers between 1876 and 1911 after which the books are far more traditional minute books of committees and Annual General Meetings.

Committee book

The rules of the Society and signatures of the first members; details of judges and prize winners for annual shows 1768-1788, 1797-1803; accounts (for shows) 1770-1790, 1789-1792 (including identical copies of previous accounts), 1795, 1797-1798 a...

Committee book

Details of shows (judges, prize winners, members entering) 1803-1826 and some undated. The shows are given by the flowers shown so there are details of shows for the auricula, tulip, carnation, ramunculus, goosberry. List of rules for 1824 goose...

Committee book

Copy of the rules of the Society; details of shows (prize winners, judges, stewards) 1791-1794, 1804, 1806 (accounts here are fuller than overlapping information in ASYF/1/2/1 and contain some but not all of the same information); lists of members...

Committee book

Minutes of Annual General Meetings 1826-1876 with transcribed copies of annual balance sheets and details of subscriptions 1825-1880; list of members 1826 revised up to 1882; copy of 1857 schedule of prizes attached in the front of the volume.

Committee book

Committee book November 1911- February 1931. The early pages of this volume appear to be missing. Contains minutes of the Executive Committee November 1911- January 1931; Annual General Meetings 1912-1930; the Floral Committee February 1912- Feb...

Committee book

Committee book February 1931-December 1956. Includes minutes of the Executive Committee February 1931-December 1956; the Floral Committee February 1933-March 1940; the Finance Committee October 1934-Mar 1936. After individual minutes stop for the...

Papers relating to George Russell

Papers include two copies of a photograph of George Russell, three photographs of Russell Lupins and a print from the 1881 census of the household of John Russell (described as gardener and parish clerk) although with no reference to a George Russ...

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