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Conservation I: Chalk Grasslands and Moorland

Correspondence and papers concerning chalk grassland and moorland habitats, as well as some letters discussing the conservation of limestone pavements, including reports and general enquiries about chalk grassland habitats at Trust reserves, mainl...

Conservation II: Heathlands

Correspondence and reports relating to the reinstatement of heathland habitats in Yorkshire, particularly South Yorkshire, including an advisory booklet. The file also contains records relating to the conservation of Staxton Sandpit, comprising a ...

Conservation III: Wetlands and Woodlands

Correspondence and papers concerning the grazing of marshland and the conservation of wetland habitats, including information on the European Wetland Campaign. The file also contains records detailing the liaison between the Trust and Forestry Com...

Entomology Correspondence 1969-1982

Correspondence concerning issues relating to entomology, including reports of butterflies 1981-1982, the death of bees as a result of chemical spraying and the introduction of moth species.

Entomology Correspondence 1983-1995

Correspondence, press cuttings and species lists, including a photograph of a Speckled Bush Cricket, containing information on species sighted at various locations across Yorkshire, the Invertebrate Conservation Roadshow, 1994, and the effects of ...

Botany Correspondence 1969-1982

Correspondence, copied press cuttings and site maps relating to botany across Yorkshire and more widely, including enquiries on species identification and access permits from researchers and members of the public, liaison with other Wildlife Trust...

Botany Correspondence 1980-1982

Correspondence and working notes on botany across Yorkshire, including information on seeds, wildflower picking, reports of rare species and the Trust's relationship with landowners.

Botany Correspondence 1983-1989

Correspondence, sketch maps, working notes and copied press cuttings relating to botany across Yorkshire, including information on 'Flora of the East Riding' by Eva Crackles, a botanist and longstanding member of the Trust; herbarium lis...

Botany Correspondence 1990-1996

Correspondence, working notes, copies press cuttings and off-print articles relating to botany across Yorkshire, including the first issue of Yorkshire Broomrape News, a newsletter on the Thistle Broomrape; reported sightings of of floating water ...

Mammals Correspondence 1970-1979

Correspondence and working notes concerning havens for otters on the River Derwent, information on badgers including sett reports, records of red squirrels in Halifax and the control of grey squirrels. The file also includes information on the Tru...

Mammals Correspondence 1983-1987

Correspondence, working notes and maps concerning bat recording, otter habitats and improvements, badger sightings and baiting and general information on red squirrels and hedgehogs.

Mammals Correspondence 1988-1993

Correspondence, working notes and minutes concerning otters, including minutes of the Otters and Rivers project meeting and the Ure and Swale Otter Forum; information on bats, including the destruction of whiskered bat roosts, correspondence with ...

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