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Information on this Management Agreement site, owned by the National Trust, including a sketch map and general information on the woodlands at Bransdale.

Lewis Archive

Recordings collected by Richard Lewis. The archive includes recordings from the Glyndebourne Opera Festival, as well as recordings by the BBC Northern and Symphony Orchestras; Casals Festival Orchestra; Cleveland Orchestra; Israel Chamber Orchestr...

Farnham Mires

Papers relating to the stewardship of Farnham Mires, a Site of Special Scientific Interest in North Yorkshire, covering 1954 to 1991. Also included is an offprint of a 1944 article from the Naturalist, entitled "Farnham Mires: a notable botan...

Farnham Gravel Pits

Correspondence and papers relating to the Trust's interests in the site, including species lists, site maps and copies of planning applications , 1979-1984.

Press and Communications

Press releases issued by the Trust and press cuttings both about the Trust and by Trust Officers, including the Trust Newsletter, 1960-1977; Trust magazine, 1983-2010; Press cuttings, 1962-2006; Press releases, 1993-1994; Nature Reserves News, 197...

Co-ordination Function

Some of the record series created by the Organisation Office are important in providing information on the management structure and working practices of the factory and company as a whole and merit description in some detail here.Standing Orders a...

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