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Merger of Boards

Papers concerning the merger of the General and York Boards and the formation of the York Committee, including notes for the company Chairman on the merger and notices issued to public, 6 September 1944 - 6 October 1944.

Appointments to Board

Extracts from minutes of Rowntree General Board and York Board concerning the appointments of H. F. Methven and G. J. Harris as Directors and the extended service beyond retirement age of Directors F. G. Fryer, J. B. Morrell, H. Giles and William ...

Duties of Board Chairman

Papers concerning the role and duties of the Chairman of the York Board of Directors, including memorandum from Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree to F. G. Fryer outlining the Chairman's role; letter from Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree to York Board concer...

Correspondence Relating to the Queen's Tins

This correspondence is mainly of Arnold Stephenson Rowntree but also of T. H. Appleton and J.A. Bevington (Sales) and H. J. Ridley (Advertising): with J.S. Fry and Sons concerning Queens Tins, November-December 1899; with Cadbury's concerning...

Miscellaneous Correspondence

This file has similar content to R/B4/4. It also includes enquiries relating to factory practices, and correspondence (of Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree) relating to posters and pictures to hang in the Cocoa Works as decoration.

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