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General Committee Papers

The first item comprises loose survivals; those from 1879 are original folders of papers including correspondence, reports of sub-committees, reports etcThere is a gap in the dates of the series between RET 1/1/6/5/2 and RET 1/1/6/5/3

Committee papers

Marked '1893 - 1899 but has one paper from 1879 and some papers up to 1901, although most are for the 1890s

Steward's Reports

There are some gaps in the coverageReports cover costs of provisions, a pay book analysis for 1919-21, and a list of potatoes supplied to staff May 1917For Steward's Accounts see RET 3/4/4

Superintendent's Reports

Monthly reports, presented by the Superintendent, to Committee meetings, with information on admissions, discharges, staff, and other mattersApproximately 2 - 3 volumes are missing in the series between RET 1/1/6/5 and RET 1/1/6/6

Medical Reports on Patients

This information was presented at the monthly Committee meeting. Earlier monthly medical reports are in Committee of Management Minute Book 1826-1840 (RET 1/1/4/2)

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