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Volume of Names

Although this volume has later been labelled 'Patients' on front, these are not the names of patients. There are two columns per page, with name and place given. They may be names of subscribers or donors

Wages Book

Names and sums for September 1875, followed by a few scrappy entries. Only a few pages in the volume have been filled. At back however are a few notes about attendants and nurses engaged, 1875

Patients' Disbursements

At first in columns: name of recipient of money, name of patient on whose behalf patient made, and sum. Later just a quarterly list of names and sums

Bath Book

This presumably records names and sums paid by members of the public who used the Retreat's Turkish Bath in the New Gentlemen's Lodge building. Not many entries, volume is mostly blank

Coal and other accounts

Pages headed with names of recipients of coal (eg Dr Kitching) and amounts; entries spaced at intervals through volume, but entries are few and most of the pages are blank

Disbursements Book

Rather cryptic entries and amounts. Most of volume is blankMarked on front: 'J. Quarton's Sundries'

Rough patients' accounts

Loose pieces of paper bound together with string; sheets are headed by patients' names, roughly recording items and sums spent on their behalf


Only a few cryptic entries; most in August, with mentions of items and people going to Scarborough

Cash Book

Entries on wages, payments for provisions and articles, totalled at end of month; there are about four pages per month. Most of volume is blank

Rough cash book

This is a very rough memorandum book with jottings and notes of financial transactionsA receipt for burial in York Public Cemetery inserted in book

Joseph Quarton's Household Account Books

This group of account books and other volumes all belonged to Joseph Quarton, appointed Secretary and House Steward in December 1872, and discharged for defalcations in July 1878. He had embezzled over £400, but because the Committee had taken out...

Household Cash Book

This is a larger volume than RET 3/4/2/1 and there are more columns. They initially have the headings of: meat, flour and oatmeal, rice, malt and hops, fish, poultry, butter and eggs, cheese, tea and coffee, sugar and treacle, soap, candles and oi...

Household Cash Book

There are gaps in the date coverage of this volumeFrom 1 April 1799 to 30 March 1799 there are columns for the weekly cost of the following: meat, flour and oatmeal, tea etc, groceries, candles, soap, starch and blue, coals, malt, hops, wine, bran...

Household Cash Books

These provided a weekly analysis of the food and drink and other kitchen commodities at the Retreat, with cost per item and total weekly costSee note under House Expenses Books above, RET 3/4/1, for relationship between the House Expenses Books an...

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