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Gift Scheme Record

For each offer; details of product, period of offer, number of coupons required and other conditions, number of coupon sheets issued, nature of gift, reference number of gift box and reference for advertisements (to volume and page number of speci...

Gum Department Substitution Committee

Minutes of meetings, including tables giving job title and description of duties, number of workers, present wage and proposed wage, with remarks concerning the type of person required.

Report on progress and advance plan

Report on progress made during year ended with reference to advance plan of campaign [ie 1929-1931], and advance plan for following year [ie 1930-1932]. Covering manufacturing output and costs, complaints, waste, efficiency, staffing, novelty work...

Map of the Island of Dominica by John Byres

Showing plots of land to be sold by the Crown; with pencil notes, the letter 'L' on some plots indicating the Londonderry estates and some hatching marks in the NW; "JHatton Hall" on top of map.

Ingredients Ledger Balance

This file contains the half-yearly balance including consumption figures for different categories of ingredients. Balance of Ledgers BC and ING.

File of Board Decisions

This file relates to wages and conditions of employment, with a board minute, and wage conference or standing order reference numbers, sent by J B Morrell to the Co-ordination Office in 1924 as out of date, 1898-1916.

Correspondence with A. Romary and Co Ltd

This correspondence concerns directors, pensions, wording on packaging, shares, Tunbridge Wells Trading and Manufacturing Trust Co (a subsidiary of Romary) and rules relating to the company's Royal Warrant, with share transfer forms, 1952-195...

Papers of William Henry Bellwood

William Henry Bellwood was a representative of Rowntree and Co, Wakefield. This file also includes employment agreements, 26 May 1916, 1 January 1920, 13 June 1922, correspondence from the Pension Fund, 1919, Income Tax papers, 1921, photograph, [...

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