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Folder of draft poems entitled Poems (Rejects?)

Philosophy; Paternity; Great Love; Something Is; Here; A Second Chance; Evening / Composition; Wind; Neville ii; Our Room; She; War; Can't; Third World; War; Sentiment; Cool Air; Sleep; Leaving; Night; Breeze; Love; Father; Damned; Flowers; W...

Folder of draft poems

The Shelter; Miners; Northern Mimes; A King in the House; Advent for a Poem; Black and White; Prelude; Haemorrhage; Home Study; Four Eyes; Braces; Evening; Charity, Charity; Pity; Blake; The Widow; Red and Black; Lazarus; Morality; Piano; A Funny ...

Folder of draft poems labelled Rejects - Mary's Songs

Aspiring; Nowhere; Optimist; Changes; Evil; Walking in the Park; Old; Reverie; Caged; Calm; Communion, Too; Litany; These; Dilettante; Her; What I am; Historians; Family Picture; Ruinous Days; Art; Momentoes; To Find; Encounter; Mexico City; The R...

Folder of drafts labelled Mary's Songs

IHS / Memoriam; IHS / Memoriam / Testament; Ii - vii; Magdalen (2 copies); Sun; Mary's Morning Prayer; A Kiss (2 copies); The Smell of ink takes her to her childhood; Love Now; Colloquy (2 copies); Games (2 copies); Later; Mary's Heart (...

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