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Letter written from Combe Florey

The engagement of his daughter, Saba, to Dr Henry Holland; wanting to adopt Lady Georgiana in her place; an advertisement to this effect; the character of Lord Howick; Horace Walpole's Letters to Sir Horace Mann published 1833.


About the Reverend John Grey; about Lord Durham and Canada.

Letter written from Howick

Family news; politics; news of Howick: 'there is a sort of strike amongst the Hinds -a class of labourers whose condition has always appeared to me to be the beau ideal of the situation of a labouring peasant. They object to what is called bo...

Letter written from Howick

Storm damage at Howick and in Northumberland; Politics: 'The news at Alnwick Castle is that there has been a reconciliation between Brougham and Lambton; brought about by Lord Wellesley. I think this is as nearly impossible as any political c...

Letter written from Howick

Personal finance; health of Countess Grey; about Miss Kemble, the actress, with memories of Mrs Siddons and Miss O'Neill; success of Henry Grey, Lord Howick, in the House of Commons.

Letter written from Howick

The affliction of Lady Caroline Barrington on the death of her husband, George Barrington (d. 2 June 1835); improvements to house and garden at Howick.

Letter written from Brighton

About her children: asking Lord Grey's advice whether her son Francis 9th Baron Napier should go to a university; failure of her younger son William to pass into Woolwich; news from Brighton.

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