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Building Capital Costs Ledger Part 2, Departmental Costs

This file contains the original capital cost of all blocks or buildings erected. It is arranged by department and then by section. There is an index of departments at the beginning of the volume, and a list of sections under each department. Infor...

"Advertising and Gift Agreements and other matters"

Copy correspondence and copy agreements, concerning Cadbury, Caley and Fry, pasted into a volume, arranged under three headings: advertising agreement, gifts agreement and sundry matters, with manuscript notes and list of subjects covered by B. Li...

"Register", Letter Filing Notes

Index of names and subjects with reference as to where correspondence is filed, c 1898-1910.At the front of the volume, there is a list of headings under which advertising Department letter files were arranged prior to 20 May 1899 and after 22 May...

Master Copy of Replies from Each Company

This file contains information on each company, set out in 41 columns (with a column for remarks). Each company was assigned a reference number, which is given in column one. (These numbers are used in the report to refer to examples.) Initial dat...

Second Cost Book

This book is indexed by product. For each product per cwt, as sold in boxes of different weights: quantity, unit cost and total cost of wood, carriage, labels, paper, foil, cardboard and other packing materials; with details of the type/colour of ...

Box and Lid Covers

Guard Book of box and lid covers, c 1900-1906; with original suggestions for designs of various packaging, c 1920.

Papers Related to Wallace's Work on Profit Sharing

This file contains a brief for Wallace's research work on profit sharing, by Benjamin Rowntree, May 1919; memoranda on profit sharing by Wallace, January 1920; a draft of a report; draft chapters from Prescription for Partnership (chapter 2, ...

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