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Sententiae of Peter Lombard, containing an excerpt from book IV, dist. 49, 1.5.12-3.3.1. Possibly written in England; taken from the last gathering of the full manuscript. First line 1r: enim est (et) si dicamus (et) qui no(n). First line 1v: ...

Miscellaneous Documents

  • MD
  • Fundos
  • [early 13th century-ongoing]

Miscellaneous records, including deeds, diaries, letters, minute books, architectural plans, photographs and other items. Below is an abbreviated list of contents. For more detail please see the full finding aid on Borthcat.Contents.Letter of su...

Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York


Leaf from Psalter, containing Psalm 9.3-22. First line 1r: In conuertendo inimicum meum retrorsum : in. First line 1v: Miserere mei domine uide humilitatem meam.Physical Description: Parchment, slightly darkened with minor tape stains on rect...

Planctus de Maria Magdalena

Text from the Planctus de Maria Magdalena of Pseudo-Origen. Written in the southern Netherlands, likely at a Cistercian house due to the style of punctuation; another copy of this text was at Cambron. First line 1r: phis qui\t/ ili .7 quia no(n...

York Diocesan Archive

  • YDA
  • Fundos
  • 1225-[ongoing]

York Diocesan Archive comprises the records of the administration of the Diocese of York by the Archbishop of York and his officials, together with the records of administrative business in the Province of York undertaken by the Archbishop in his ...

Church of England, Diocese of York

York Diocesan Registry

The records of York Diocesan Registry comprise the records of the York Diocesan Registrar, the chief legal officer of the Archbishop. These records are wide ranging in date, extent and content, comprising the day to day legal business of the dioce...

Church of England, Diocese of York

Sarum Lectionary

Lectionary, text from I Kings 3:2-18; written in England, with other leaves from the same manuscript at All Souls and Oxford. First line 1r: heli iacebit in loco suo. First line 1v: muel . Loquere d(omi)ne./

Summa Theologica

Excerpt from Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica, I Secundae, quaestio xvii, article 1, argument 1, line 21-article 8, argument 1, line 2. Written in England.First line 1r: puta cu(m) alic(ui) d(icitur) fac h(oc) . p(rimu)m a(utem) moue(n)s i...

Parish records of York, St Martin, Coney Street

  • PR/Y/MCS
  • Fundos
  • 1271-1998

Includes register of christenings, 1557-1942 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1806-1812); register of marriages, 1557-1942; register of burials, 1557-1851 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for...

Church of England, York, St. Martin, Coney Street, parish

Parish records of York, All Saints, Pavement

  • PR/Y/ASP
  • Fundos
  • 1296-2011

Includes register of christenings, 1554-1885 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme for the years 1778-1812); register of marriages, 1555-1987); register of burials, 1554-1884 (note this register uses the Dade registration scheme fo...

Church of England, York, All Saints, Pavement, parish


Leaf from copy of William Moerbeke's literal translation of Aristotle's 'Metaphysics.' First line 1r: sim(u)l huic soli in e(ss)e p(ri)mu(m) q(ui)d(em). First line 1v: cipiu(m) ut ad notius reduca.Physical Description: Par...

Lectura in Decretales Gregorii IX

Physical Description:Content Description: Latin, from Lectura in Decretales Gregorii IX by Henricus de Segusio (Hostiensis), text from book 1, chapter 2. Probably written in England or possibly France and used as as binding material. First line...


Text from an unidentified theological work, written in England. Taken from a binding. First line 1r: ac (con)(ste?)rnim et pet(?)ri ex quo (con)esud(alis?) q(ue) om(n)is homo. First line 1v: nisi si(n)t et novi lex nec (?)tucisio . nec a(liqu...

Archiepiscopal Courts

From medieval times to the mid nineteenth centuries the church courts had a wide jurisdiction, and heard cases including defamation, matrimony, tithe, probate, church rights and breach of faith by clergy. At first there was only one central York c...

Church of England, Diocese of York

Breviary and Psalter

Text from the Sanctoral for 29 August. Written in England; these leaves likely used as wrappers for a set of proclamations. First line 1r: Cunq(ue) mardom(us) tunc maior. First line 1v: ni v(est)re redemptionis materia fuit.

Breviary and Psalter

Text from Psalms 39:11-44:6. Written in England; these leaves likely used as wrappers for a set of proclamations (cf. TAK/1/9). First line 1r: scondi m(isericord)iam tua(m). (et) u(er)itatem tua(m). First line 1v: ra in deo : qu(on)i(am) adhu...

Constitutiones Clementinae

Text from Clement V's Constitutiones Clementinae. Written in England. First glossed line 1r: monachi . si(m)pli : loq(uentia) un(de) de o(mn)ib(us) intelligit(er). First primary text line 1r: p(rae)mittit(er) b(e)n(e)ficor(um). First gl...

Liber Eruditionis Religiosorum

Excerpt from Gulielmus Peraldus's Liber eruditionis religiosorum. Contains text from the final chapter, "De gaudio bonorum," of book VI; likely written in France or the southern Netherlands. First line 1r: la regio p(er) triginta...

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