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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Archive
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General Site File 1956-1988

Including letters, meeting notes, a site report for 1959 and species notes on ground flora, shrubs and trees, 1956. The file also includes information on acquisition negotiations and the Fountains Hospital Charity Trust.

Skipwith Common

Papers and photographs concerning the stewardship, ecology and attributes of the former Trust site at Skipwith Common, including legal agreements and tenure records 1968-2000; nature reserve management committee minutes 1969-2000; biological recor...

Site Ecology

Including records relating to the ecology of the site itself; the species that live there and the recording and ecological management of those species, including independent research undertaken on the site. Records include site management plans 19...

HQ correspondence

Correspondence with the Trust's central office in York. This file includes letters, site plans and meeting notes as well as containing information on the pumping station and drainage at the site.

Zoological Records

Including zoological surveys, records and research. The file contains lists of invertebrates, a number of letters concerning the release of different butterfly species and a map indicating their release at the site, a 1997 research paper entitled ...

Biological Records

Comprising information on the species present at Skipwith Common, including zoological records, 1957-1998; botanical records, 1976-1998; and general information on the ecology of the site, 1988-1998.

Papers relating to 'A Wood in Ascam'

A series of three files relating to the research, writing, publication and funding of 'A Wood in Ascam: A study in wetland conservation' by Alastair Fitter and Clifford Smith.The book was published in 1979 to commemorate the centenary of...

Research notes and materials for 'A Wood in Ascam'

The file covers a broad spectrum of subjects including notes on rainfall and the various species present at the site, in particular birds and plants, and with specific reference to the Royal Fern, Osmunda Regalis.The file also includes a 1978 lett...

Bootham School Survey

A copy of Dr Alfons A. Wegener's survey of the site, carried out by pupils from Bootham School. The file also includes a copy of the 1977 chart.

Grass Wood Nature Reserve

Papers relating to the stewardship and ecology of Grass Wood nature reserve, including acquisition and legal papers, 1961-1987; Nature Reserve Management Committee records, 1965-2005; management correspondence, 1958-2008 and biological records 196...

Site Stewardship

Comprising papers relating to the Trust's stewardship of the site, including acquisition papers and the establishment of legal rights over the land, 1961-1987; management committee minutes and papers, 1965-2011; and general management corresp...

General Site File 1958-2011

Comprising correspondence and papers concerning the general management of the site, including letters relating to general wardening issues. 1964-1967; appointment of committee members, 1972; correspondence and papers relating to rights of estovers...

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